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Raccoon Mansion

Most of the time, raccoon jobs are small and simple. A family of raccoons has broken into someone’s attic. There are a couple piles of waste to clean up, a … Continue reading

Bugs in Bio-Hazardous Environments

There’s an odd backwards relationship between people and insects: all the worst places for us are also the best places for them. They thrive in the unclean, the unsanitary, the … Continue reading

Cleaning Up a Loved One

This goes out as a bit of a public service announcement. It goes out to the many people we’ve talked to who, after the death of a loved one ( … Continue reading

Vehicle Cleanups

It may not be the first thing you think of when you think of the skills of a good cleaner, but this work requires a lot of problem solving. Each … Continue reading

The Cat Hoarder

This past summer, these heartbreaking images of a cat named Puff, her long fur gnarled and matted with filth, spread wide on Facebook. Her story even made national news. Puff … Continue reading

Every Odour Comes From Somewhere

Every odour comes from somewhere. That may sound obvious, but it’s an essential truth when it comes to understanding odour and how to fight it. If your nose smells something, … Continue reading

Hoarder Homes and Fires: A Public Safety Hazard

On this blog, we’ve looked at the problem of hoarding in a number of different ways, discussing how it hurts hoarders, the people and pets around them, and even the … Continue reading

Learning All About The Victim

Warning: the post contains content that may be upsetting to some. Reader discretion is advised. It was a double homicide, but the first thing we saw when we arrived on … Continue reading

Exterminating Bed Bugs: A Group Effort

Big-city life can be pretty isolating. It’s hard to find a familiar face in the crowds. In a high-rise, even your next-door neighbours are often just random people who happen … Continue reading

Fighting Infectious Disease: Defending the Human Fortress

Our bodies are a fortress, custom-built to fend off foreign invaders. We surround ourselves with a thick, impenetrable wall, called skin, and train a complex network of guards, called the … Continue reading