How quickly can you respond to my emergency?

We will respond to your emergency call immediately and can often be on site within 60 minutes.  The cleaning itself can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the job.

How much do your services cost?

The cost of the services varies based on the type and severity of the job. All jobs are quoted on-site at no cost or obligation to the client. We do not quote hourly rates or ballpark costs  over the phone as we believe in standing by our prices the first time.

Who pays for your services?

There is no simple answer to this. While many contractors advertise their services to be “free”, that may not be true if your insurance provider does not cover the work. When insurance coverage is not available, ORS will work with you to explore other options that may be available.

Are the cleaning agents used in these cleanups toxic?

All of the cleaning and decontamination agents we use are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. Only under special circumstances are harsh chemicals ever required. In these circumstances the client will be made aware of the need prior to any chemicals being used.

How do I know I am protected when dealing with a trauma/hoarding contractor?

There are four key items that any contractor should be able provide you with no hesitation:

  1. Proof of current and valid insurance. This would have a specific rider for Environmental Liability or Crime Scene Cleaning Operations. Different insurance carriers will have their own terms for this rider, but it is not to be confused with Janitorial Coverage, which on its own is not enough.
  2. Proof of current WSIB coverages or a WSIB Independent Operations exemption.
  3. An offer of industry references or qualifications to demonstrate that they have experience doing this type of work.
  4. Police clearance certificates for all on-site personnel.

What is your service area?

ORS services every square inch of Ontario. Upon request, we would travel into other provinces, but our base operation and focus is here in Ontario.

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