Trauma/Human Decomposition

Human decomposition occurs when the deceased is not discovered for a period of time, sometimes from a few days to several months post-mortem. During this time, offensive odours and structural damage can occur. The cleaning and decontamination process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. In more severe cases, the entire home may require treatment. Once the decontamination is complete, we can also perform the repairs to help return the home to its original condition.

Unattended Death

An unattended death can be from any type of accident or illness where the deceased is not immediately discovered. ORS does not encourage family or friends to attempt to clean these incidents on their own; these experiences can cause great emotional strain. ORS will handle the cleaning and decontamination from start to finish.


These incidents happen at all times of day or night and typically require an immediate response. ORS is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As with other jobs that involve exposure to blood or other bodily fluids, there are risks involved when handling these scenes. In order to render the environment both clean and healthy, and to ensure the safety of those performing the work, there is a specific process to the decontamination and cleaning of these scenes that needs to be followed. At ORS, our staff are properly equipped and trained to do the job right.

Industrial Accidents

ORS responds to industrial accidents of all kinds, whether the injury or death occurs indoors or on an outdoor jobsite. ORS appreciates that these matters need to be handled in a quick and professional manner in order to allow the company to resume operations and not draw unwanted attention to the incident.

Hoarding/Distressed Properties

Distressed properties, commonly known as hoarding, can be a very sensitive issue for those involved. ORS will quote these jobs with a few different scenarios, based on the client’s desires. We will gladly sort through one item at a time with the owner, or if desired, we can clean the residence out indiscriminately. We understand that every situation is different we handle them accordingly. Although ORS concentrates on the cleaning aspect, we do provide our clients with the contacts of professionals who specialize in hoarding that can assist in the cleaning process and aftercare if so desired.

Wildlife/Animal Waste Removal

Wildlife and animal waste removal may be required due to a number of scenarios; removal of wildlife waste from an attic after the animals have been removed, bird feces, cat feces and urine cleanup, or even animal damage from a winter away from your cottage. ORS will remove the unsightly mess, decontaminate any disease and clean up all signs of the occurrence.

Vehicle Decontamination

Most traumatic events that happen in a home can also happen in a vehicle, whether it’s an accident, death or vandalism. ORS can tow the vehicle to our shop and bring it back to a pre-damaged condition, or in some circumstances we can clean the vehicles on site if that service is preferred.

Prison/Holding Cell Disinfection

For Law Enforcement, ORS offers holding cell cleanup, soft room cleanup and post-riot services. All of our technicians are bonded and are familiar with the processes involved in working within a jail or penitentiary. References from other penitentiaries and police services are available.

Needle Recovery

Needle recovery is one of the more dangerous cleanups that some homeowners attempt. Typically, a landlord will discover that a unit has been littered with used needles, but has no idea if the syringes are infected with HIV, Hepatitis C or any other communicable disease. These jobs are best suited for professionals who are trained in proper cleanup and disposal techniques. ORS will remove the needles, decontaminate the environment and dispose of the syringes in accordance with the guidelines set forth by various government ministries.

Marijuana and Drug Lab Decontamination

The marijuana and drug lab decontamination processes are often more complicated than any other cleanup. Many municipalities will condemn a home after they have been notified by law enforcement that it contained a grow op or drug lab. The City will dictate that the home be returned to a healthy condition prior to re-connection of hydro services and re-entry by the owner.

The decontamination services are required to be performed by a professional. Once we have completed the remediation, we will bring in an approved engineer to perform an air test which will determine whether the contaminant levels are within an acceptable range. ORS guarantees our work and will assist you in the process of getting your home back.

Infection Control

ORS provides sanitation of homes, offices, vehicles and other environments where they are known to be contaminated by viruses such as: H1N1 and other types of influenza, SARS, the common cold, meningitis, tuberculosis and many others. These services are economical and offer peace of mind for everyone, especially those with respiratory illnesses or compromised immune systems.

General Odour Removal

Whether you are buying or selling a home, cleaning up after an old tenant, or just want a fresh start, ORS can eliminate 80-100% of lingering odours in a home. These odours may include: pet urine, skunk spray, cigarette smoke, cooking odours and more. Removal of these odours can increase the sale value of your home and make a property more desirable and comfortable. Menu pricing for this service is currently in development. Please call or email for a quote.

Nicotine Stain and Odour Removal

Whether you are buying or selling a home, cleaning up after an old tenant or just want a fresh start. ORS can eliminate 80-100% of the odours in your home. Nicotine stains need to be removed prior to sealing and painting. Even products such as Kilz or BIN require a workable surface to bond to in order to allow for painting. Our products and techniques are so effective that a lot of the time, repainting is not required. Removal of these odours can increase the sale value of your home or make a home you want to purchase more desirable.

Mould Remediation

Leaky roof, basement, sink or window? Excessive moisture for as little as 72 hours can facilitate mould growth. The severity of different types of mould can range from harmless to deadly with prolonged exposure. ORS recommends leaving this type of work to professionals. While you may be able to remove all visible signs of it with little effort, the real danger is in the mould spores that are not visible to the naked eye and require a specific cleaning process in order to remove them. Remediating this problem does not require harmful chemicals and can often be done quickly and without muchinterruption to the client.

CS (Tear) Gas & Pepper Spray

According to the United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, CS emits “very toxic fumes” when heated to decomposition, and at specified concentrations CS gas is an immediate danger to life and health. It is very difficult to remove and the environment should only be entered and cleaned by an experienced professional.

The active ingredient in most pepper sprays is capsaicin, a natural chemical found in Chilis and peppers. Some manufactures use a synthetic compound known as pelargonic acid vanillylamide. These agents can severely prevent one’s ability to function and breathe properly. The agents will remain dormant until properly removed, and disturbing them prior to proper removal can make the contamination worse.

ORS is trained in the safe removal of these substances. We can return your home or business back to a healthy and safe condition.